Fethi Bey Parkı - Hiç düşündünüz mü kim bu Fethi Bey diye?

Fethi Bey Park

Most of you know that there is a great park called Fethi Bey Park at the sea side in Fethiye.

My whole family loved the park when we visited. My boys found everything they look for. It was really a life saver for us after having whole day with kids.

First of all the architecture and facilities were great. Secondly landscape was very well designed. I believe most of the people who visited there at least once will agree with me.

While I was sitting on the grass watching the sea and checking the kids at the same time; I started thinking about the similarity between the names of the city and the park.

Fethi Bey park in Fethiye. There must be a connection. I always obsessed with these kind of things while I am visiting places. I decided to search and share it with you.

Fethi Bey

After he worked in military factories and Hamidiye battle cruiser as lieutenant in 1912; he has been sent to United Kingdom to be trained as airplane rigger.

Fethi Bey
Fethi Bey,1913

His skills and ability to be a pilot is noticed and he is trained as a pilot afterwards.

When Balkan war has started he had to stop his training and came back to Istanbul and became an airforce pilot. He was one of the first pilots of the army who can fly at night and who can bomb the targets. Therefor he got silver legion of merit award.

After importance of air force is noticed by the authorities; new campaigns started to increase aircraft numbers in the army. One of the supporters of these campaigns was Belkis Sevket hanim. She was a music teacher. She was also a member of Protection of the rights of Ottoman Women Association which was found in 1913. This association made an event for collecting donations by throwing fliers from an aircraft. This idea was belonging to Belkis Sevket Hanim.

Belkis Hanim and Fethi Bey
Belkis Hanim and Fethi Bey before their campaign flight.

With the approval of Central of Corps Command, Belkis Hanim joined lieutenant Fethi bey for a campaign flight over Istanbul city to throw fliers. So Fethi bey became the first pilot flew with a Turkish woman.

Fethi Bey became a captain.

Fethi Bey, has been promoted to captain title in 1914.

Government decided to send two aircrafts to Iskenderiye (Alexandria, Egypt) from Istanbul to show that Ottomans still has enough power to reach its own states to prevent anti ottoman movements. The other reason was to cheer up citizens after the defeat taken in Balkan war.

Fethi Bey was the pilot of the first plane which was a Bleriot XI. The other plane was Deperdussin and the pilot was lieutenant Nuri Bey.

They had take off from Istanbul on 8th of February 1914.

On the planes there were two aerial observers with the pilots. Sadik Bey was flying with Fethi Bey; Hakki bey was flying with Nuri Bey.

According to the plan; Fethi bey and Sadik Bey were going to reach to Alexandria on 19th of February including 7 take offs and landings. They have made it. They have reached Alexandria on time.

After a week; Fethi Bey and Sadik Bey took of to go to Jerusalem.

Near Teberiye lake the plane crashed due to broken wing spar. First air force martyrs of Ottomans were buried to next to Emeviye Mosque in Damascus Syria.

Megri renamed as Fethiye

Sultan Resat changed the name of Megri to Fethiye in 26th of March 1914 in memorial of first air force martyr Fethi Bey. The same year two monuments were made one in Istanbul and one in the crash site for Fethi Bey.

In commemoration of Fethi Bey, with partnership of Turkish Air Force and TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) ; in 2001 two similar planes built and made a flight with the same route to Alexandria. Later on TRT published a documentary about this project.

In 2004 Fethi Bey monument in Fethiye was opened.

We are remembering Fethi Bey with all our respect.

Fethi Bey monument in Sehit Fethi Bey Park in Fethiye
Fethi Bey monument in Sehit Fethi Bey Park in Fethiye

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