Kordon'daki Mezgit Cafe

Mezgit Cafe is one of the good cafes in the middle of Kordon, Fethiye with a great location.

Beside it’s good service and big portions, we admired it’s location that you are eating 5 meters away from the sea with a great view of Sovalye Island.

It is across Mc Donalds. The menu variations limited but portions are big enough to get full.

We tried scallops and fish and chips. Both were well cooked and served hot. Especially scallops portion was the biggest I’ve ever had.

The portion came bigger than it’s size in the picture.

After the meal of course we had our Turkish Coffee enjoying the view.

It’s worth to give it a try to eat at Mezgit Cafe when you are in Fethiye town center. I think you will not regret.

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