Uncle Mick – Mick Scarsbrook

I’ve born in Istanbul and afterwards lived a long time in Darwin, NT, Australia.

After a chilled and slow motion living in Darwin, I moved to Ankara, the capital. Nobody in my family wanted to live in a city without the seaside. We were unhappy. This is the exact definition: Unhappy.

We started to look for a place to move and live in peace. We did not want a big city, and on the other hand we did not want to live in a village. Kids must go to good schools.

We focused on Fethiye after several brainstorming and started to Google it. Of course Youtube as well.

First video I have watched belongs to Mick Amca also known as Uncle Mick: Mick Scarsbrook. As a result he has a big place in our move.

You can see the video just below I have watched in my first search while we were trying to decide to move.

Fethiye in Winter, Video by Mick Scarsbrook

The video was informing and warm in my opinion. That’s why I watched most of the videos Uncle Mick produced and uploaded to Youtube.

Now I feel like I already have a friend there due to his warm speeches in his videos. For this reason I’d like to write this websites first article about him as saying thank you to Uncle Mick. He took a part in our decision to be brave about moving to Fethiye. By the middle of September 2020 we will be living there. And I believe we will have lots of conversation with Uncle Mick after we move to Fethiye.

Here is the link of Mick Scarsbrook Youtube Channel.

Mick Scarsbrook Youtube Channel

He spends lots of time and effort to prepare those high quality videos. At least we can support him with subscribing to his channel and watching his all videos in return to his perfect job.

Also he has a web site that might be interesting. Take a look his website and see his wonderful productions.

Mick Scarsbrook Web Site

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